iWork Recovery: How to Rescue iWork Database Files

In this modern era, every one loves to have advance and latest apps, so that they can easily accomplishes their task. iWork is one among them, which has been profoundly developed by Apple Corporation. This cooperative suite contains numerous of specific applications such as Keynotes (Presentation), Pages (Word processor) and Numbers (Spreadsheet) with easy to use interface and many other extra options.



However, regardless of creativity and diversity, there emerges a situation of iWork database file deletion or corruption with every user. As a result, you fails to access any of your stored iWork files. Wait, that’s not the end, due to these issue other application such as keynote, pages, etc are also become unresponsive and ineffective. Now, a question arises that why such sorts of problem came into existence? Is there any way to get rid of it? Then, the answer is definitely yes! You can easily be able to rescue iWork database files using some effective recovery programs. But, before going in depth, lets have a look on some of the common reasons that are responsible for corruption or damage of iWrok database files.

What Causes iWork file Corruption?

There are various of reasons behind the emergence of such devastating situation, some of which are illustrated below.
It might be due to;

Accident Deletion: Pressing wrong deleted or format button is one of the possible cause for iWork file deletion.

Improper Cut – Paste Operation: iWork files become unresponsive when the users go for cut operation before pasting the antecedently cutted iWork files

Corruption Issues: Human error, software package conflicts, problem with catalog file or hardware/ software issue are some of the possibly reasons for the corruption issue to take place. As a result, users might have to face inconvenience while utilizing their stored iWork files preserved on Mac system.

Third Party Applications: Using unauthenticated softwares might also be the reasons that lead to bit by bit deletion of files that are saved on mac system including iWork files too.

Way to Fix iWork Database Files

In such situation, iWork recovery software is going to be a boon for you. No matter what ever may be the reasons behind the corruption or deletion issue, by using this very tool one can easily be able to recover deleted file back in a operationable one. Further, the tool has been meant with inventive algorithms, easy to use interface, etc to provide safe and swish method of rescuing iWork files on Mac machine. Additionally, users are also able to extract deleted iWork files from iMac, Mac-books, et in a hassle free manner. Last but not the least, iWork recovery software works well with all Macintosh OS X including Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Macintosh OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Step 1: Download and install iwork recovery software.

Step 2 : After installation, select the drive from which the required file is deleted or corrupted.

Step 3 : You will be shown the list of files. You can add or remove the files selected by selecting “+” and “-” button.

Step 4 : Click on “Start Scan” button to start scanning process.

Step 5 : Once the scanning is completed you can see the preview of recoverable files and folders. Now you can easily restore the files by clicking on “Start Recovery” button. The software will safely restore and save the recovered files.


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