Mac File Recovery: How to Recover Files from USB Flash Drive on Mac OS X

USB Flash drive is a widely used storage media, which provide better portability along with huge storage facility. Moreover, with the use of this portable gadgets users are conveniently able to transfer their stored data from one location to other. Further, its better compatibility also adds an extra wing to its popularity. Therefore, by using it one can easily be able to carry all their unimportant documents and files from one location to other. But, generally it has been seen that, users are not so much conscious about the privacy of this device, they goes on feeding data ignoring the important message that prompt during the file transfer. As a result, sometime all the stored USB Flash drive file gone into trash and become unresponsive.


Causes for USB Flash Drive Files Corruption

Though there are various reasons for such cumbersome situation to take place, discussing all of them is really a tedious work. Therefore, lets have a look on some of the common reasons.

Accident Deletion: Pressing wrong button is one of the reasons that lead to data loss situation.

Unintentional Formatting: Users might go for formatting option usually, which lead to faulty file system and thus all the stored file gets corrupted or damaged

Improper File Transfer: It is also one of the common reasons for deletion of stored usb flash drive files.

Hardware or Software Issue: There might be some chances that, there is an internal problem with usb flash drive. As a result of which all the stored file gets corrupted or unresponsive.

Way to Restore Deleted Files from USB Flash Drive

Mac file recovery software is the best option in your case. The tool will provide complete recovery of deleted/corrupted USB files. No matter what types of file you had stored n your flash drive, by using this advance and sophisticated Mac file recovery software, you can easily be able to recover them back. Further, its clear and easy to use interface one can easily be able to perform the recovery process without taking the help from experts. Thus, download it and simply follow the wizard. Afterward, all your lost usb flash drive files become accessible.

User Guide:

Step 1: Download & Install Mac file recovery software.

mac 1

Step 2: Afterward, launch it and attach the USB Flash drive.

Step 3: A list of files are displayed, select the file you want to recover.

Step 4: Now, click on Next button.

Step 5: Finally, store the recovered file at the desired location.

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